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  • A toolkit for data collection, analysis and reporting.

  • We use your existing data sources and help you find new ones.

  • Designed for town & city centres.

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How does it work?

Each Hub is based on a geographical area. This could be a BID boundary or a Local Authority border. It’s up to you.

We search for data relevant to your area. This includes online sources from a variety of providers.

If you’re already collecting data – say, footfall – we can add this too as long as you own it or have a licence to use it.

Missing some useful data, or need some more? We’ll tell you about companies who might be able to help.

Noggin’s role is to give you access to data quickly and efficiently. No more trawling through reports. No more guesswork, just powerful insights.

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Your complete data hub

The Noggin Hub is a secure website where all your town’s data can be accessed, catalogued, analysed and shared.

It provides advanced analysis tools that let you drill down and understand the performance of your events, campaigns and changes in your local area.

We use data from open sources, census data and your own footfall, wifi and other systems to create a complete picture of the local area. We are provider-neutral, so aim to work with all data suppliers.

Reporting on your terms

Ever feel like you are drowning in reports? The Noggin Hub takes data from all your sources and combines them into simple, clear & attractive weekly and monthly reports.

We customise your reports based on the data you have available, and make different reports available to different people.

Give your town centre businesses useful feedback on events and footfall performance, while your board members get more details about the goings-on across the town.

All of this is automatic, and can be sent to as many addresses as you like, without restriction.

Past reports can be regenerated at any time, so you always have a complete history of documents. No need to keep a paper copy any more!

Data Sources

If we can get the data, we’ll include it. Here’s what we can show so far:

Weather: Did it rain? How hot was it? Weather has a big impact on high streets, so we track it 24/7 to help you link weather events with changes in your figures.
Traffic: Use data from online sources, ANPR, loop counters, etc to understand your road network. Identify congestion, incidents and capacity issues with this map-based system.
Demographics: Census data combined with the latest academic research provides an overview of the resident populations in your local area and surrounding places.
Property: Track property changes on the high street such as changes in
property ownership, vacant property turnover, business uses or
rateable value. Share reports with stakeholders with an
easy-to-use, photographic system that any member of your
team can add to as they walk the streets.
EV Charging: Show real-time status of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. Identify supply and demand to support the growth of low- and zero-emissions vehicles in your area.
Footfall: Supporting a variety of providers, systems and measurement types, this app allows you to collect, analyse and relate this key performance indicator with many other factors.
Gift Cards & Loyalty: We can provide insights and analysis tools to help you understand retailer synergies, shopper habits and relationships with other
forms of data.
Phone Counts: Measuring visitor density (different from footfall), this app draws from off-the-shelf counters, devices and wi-fi networks to provide real-time and historical counts based on mobile phone detection.
Bike Stations: Bike rental is a popular way to get around urban areas. Now you
can analyse their availability and quickly identify capacity issues.
Air Quality: Data from local continuous monitoring sites and diffusion tubes, presented in a single, informative app. Compare air quality data with weather, events and other influencers.
Crime: Identify the crime hotspots in your local area – broken down by
category and month – and show how they’re being dealt with.
Parking: Keep track of car parking spaces across your area to see when
demand is highest and adjust your pricing to maximise return
Events: Identify school holidays, national events and weather that might
affect visitor numbers. Events are reported across your Hub, so
keep this up to date to understand why your figures change!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Noggin install devices to collect data?

No, this is strictly a system for analysis. We remain independent of suppliers, so you are free to use your existing provider or find new ones to fill the gaps.

Which suppliers can you take data from?

We aim to work with all suppliers, and normally they’re happy to work with us. We’ve yet to encounter a refusal.

Is my data safe with you?

Yes! We’ve built security in from the start. Our servers are maintained to a high degree of security. We run encrypted networks throughout (look out for the padlock!) and our backups are managed and held with the same high regard.

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