What We Do

We bring the power of data analysis to place management.

We help decision-makers plan and execute their choices with firm evidence and clear cases for success.

We will continue to push for user rights and protection of privacy; challenging improper use of data. We encourage education, showing both users and practitioners the risks & challenges involved.

How We Got Here

Founded by Sven Latham, a seasoned expert in computer science, operations and data management, Noggin’s goal is to provide, support and encourage growth in town centres through data.

The foundations of Noggin are built on strong principles, to describe how we work, why Noggin is different, and to fulfil our goals and ambitions to support our places.

As part of Ethos in 2021, Noggin now has the backing of industry & software expertise, resources and innovation.

Why We Do It

We are a group of people who get a little bit excited about data and its infinite uses!

We love when it confirms things we already suspect and tells us things we never realised we needed to know.

We use it to find out more about the world and answer questions we’re curious about.

We love the creative, unusual and challenging aspects of collecting data.

We love making it accessible for all – price shouldn’t be a barrier.

We love the stories data tells, the trends it foresees and the guidance it gives.

Hmm… we’re a little bit geeky, maybe… but only about data.