Our Principles

Always Protecting Data

The data you collect may be of a confidential nature. It might be strictly licensed, or not ready for all eyes. We take security seriously, both of your data and that which is provided to you.

Our policy is clear. We only use your data in the ways you want, to provide you with services, reports and analysis when you ask for it. The data remains yours.

We also protect suppliers’ data. As part of the agreement with you, they might provide you with benchmarks or other privileged information. The Noggin Hub is designed to make sure only those with rights to data have access to it.

Fair Pricing

The Noggin Hub is designed to provide useful, informative data to all sizes of community. We are working with small villages, towns, cities and whole counties to provide useful data collection and insights.

Our prices are guided by accessibility. For the smallest community, basic access to the Noggin Hub is completely free. This gives you instant local information about your surrounding area.

For larger places and BIDs, the Noggin Hub can be expanded with ‘apps’. These are features that collect data directly from your suppliers, such as footfall and car parking, and give detailed decision-making capabilities on each aspect of data.

Open and Collaborative

We believe the very best work in town centres comes from sharing and collaborating, so we are supplier-neutral. We aim to work with all suppliers equally.

We regularly collaborate with key national BID & Town Centre organisations, universities and contribute to research projects.

The Noggin Hub allows third-parties to tap into the data we hold on your behalf (with your permission of course!). Running a dashboard, car park app, or third-party reporting tool? We provide APIs and services to connect with your other partners.

DIY with a Helping Hand

Data can often be tough work, requiring expertise and training often with eye-watering consultant rates.

We aim to bring you the tools you need to do the job yourself. The Noggin Hub gives you clear support and guidance to help collect & manage your own data, without needing a degree in statistics or a crash course in Excel!

We help you collect data from the very start, be it volunteers counting cars or rangers collecting property data, and we provide resources to help you do this in an effective, productive way.

If you need us for the bespoke projects and in-depth reporting, we can also provide personal and on-site support as needed.


Our goal is to support communities to grow and thrive, and this is part of our agreement with those who fund our work, typically BIDs and Town Centre Partnerships – so, you might not always like what we say.

This is a key step in community trust and credibility, for us and for you. We retain editorial independence on reports. We don’t selectively edit numbers to paint a positive picture. We strive to provide the most balanced insights possible.

Data can often be swung to fit headlines and sweep over bad news. Our data reporting and analysis is honest, independent and clear.