April 2018 Updates

By June 26, 2018 June 27th, 2019 Update

Dataset app (provides bulk data analysis and editing):

  • Now has a ‘copy’ function to run large-scale unattended copies of data between two systems.
  • CSV Export option reinstated.
  • API now has concept of margins, which will be part of the statistical  confidence reporting I am working on.
  • Offset is no longer used. The client should calculate their own offsets and request this directly from the API.

Property app:

  • App will automatically focus on the BID Boundary, rather than the user’s location when first starting.
  • Property thumbnails are now generated more efficiently, should be faster with lower bandwidth needs.
  • Moved from leaflet to mapbox for map rendering. Amongst other things, 3D becomes a possibility!
  • Reinstated functionality in the editor.
  • Reports now only show A1-A5 when talking about retail.

Traffic app:

  • Added support for Highways England counter locations. Preliminary population from HE dataset is working.

Events app:

  • Fixed API issues with local timezone. API will now use portal-configured timezone by default, unless the request specifically determines a UTC offset.

Explorer app:

  • Now provides a weekly chart view.
  • Added support (not yet available in interface) for year on year.

General updates:

  • Where comparisons are used (e.g. 3% UP) the formatting should look much better on desktop and mobile.
Sven Latham

Sven Latham

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