Dec 2018 – New on the Noggin Hub

By December 30, 2018 June 27th, 2019 Blog, Update

2018 was a busy year of development for the Noggin Hub, and there are plenty of new apps and services in the pipeline to support place management professionals.

We’ve also been busy keeping things up to date and – as always – updates are rolled out to all users so you will always benefit from the latest & greatest:

Car Parking

We now have a much faster system for storing, analysing and reporting on data. See multiple years’ worth of data on a single screen in seconds.

We have added Seme4 and Geowessex as data providers.

Phone Sensing

Where available and when data quality permits, year-on-year is now shown.

Major improvements to forecasting and bad data detection. If we see a sensor has failed we will raise an alarm and attempt to in-fill missing data. Forecasts are based on a combination of gap-filling, historical and data-gathering from other sensors – whichever is most appropriate. We also record when & how forecasting has been used, for disclosure and auditing purposes.


Where available, we now include the BDSU benchmarks from IPM/Springboard in footfall results.

File Sharing

It is now possible to password protect files individually. This is ideal for sharing files in a public folder without requiring a login.


Businesses are now managed separate to Properties, to support multi-tenancy and movements. Now possible to import data from council lists directly. Valuations and floor space are now shown where available. Business type is now a flexible (user-defined) field to match your own categorisations. CSV can be used to pre-populate business, properties or both at once.

General Updates

Various performance and system improvements. Spit, polish and shine.

Into 2019

We are already working on a large number of improvements and new apps for 2019. Features include a new integrated system to manage your apps – start & stop them at any time; user management; customised reports and a variety of new apps on their way for gift cards, traffic (ANPR), demographic and visitor data – to name but a few!


Sven Latham

Sven Latham

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