February 2018 Updates

By June 26, 2018 June 27th, 2019 Update

Property app:

  • App can now create a report for the Springboard Vacancy surveys.
  • App now supplies a GeoJSON endpoint for GIS applications.
  • Added documentation to assist in property classifications, i.e. to fit with Springboard and LDC definitions of vacancies.

Geoviewer app:

  • New app for exploring geographical data in town centres.
  • Applied basic, customised stylesheets relevant for towns.
  • Native support for GeoJSON added.
  • By default, this app will look for BID or town centre boundaries and show them on relevant overlays.

Footfall app:

  • Now uses new dataset API for better performance.
  • Improved connectivity to Springboard APIs, should improve refresh rates and reduce bandwidth.
  • Now parses Springboard weekly PDFs directly, so we can extract % changes from regional and national benchmarks.
  • Added CSV import for rapid transfer of data from third-party sources.

Explorer app:

  • This is a generic app for exploring time-based data in charts.
  • Various popups added to support casual week-on-week analysis.
  • Multiple timezone support has been added. This is configurable per-site.

Phone sensors:

  • Now use minimal data transfer to support low-bandwidth channels, such as LoRa, Sigfox and others.
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Sven Latham

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