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By October 24, 2018 June 27th, 2019 Blog, Data, Town Centres

One of the many factors in data analysis is ensuring that the very data we work with is accurate, appropriate and up to date. Vacancies form a huge part of the narrative on the high street, as do properties in general. How many times have we heard complaints about too many charity shops, or wondered the balance between independents and chains? To discuss these items we first need to measure them.

To support an efficient, effective means of keeping track of properties, Noggin has developed an app. This has been built from the ground up to focus on speed and accuracy. When on the high street, the only thing a person needs to do to document a change is take a photo of the property. It takes about ten seconds, and can be easily done as part of other duties.

Once they’re back at the office, a quick bit of clicking and the photo is linked to an existing property, or a new one created. The process automatically creates a journal of changes for each property and business, and reports can be produced to document occupation, business types, vacancy rates and more.

The data is also meant to be shared. Whether this is part of your quarterly vacancy submissions, updates for a third-parties who keep track of properties, useful data for estate agents, or even to help the council keep their own lists. This can also potentially be revenue generating.

The app also strives to do one thing, exceptionally well – giving you the means to track your properties and businesses. Everything else should be friction-free, so the app should integrate seamlessly into your database or CRM and we will happily provide your web designers with regular updates automatically, as needed.

The Property app is already in use across eleven towns, and we are gathering lots of feedback & constantly improving. Anybody already with a Hub is welcome to trial the app, just drop us a line, and we are preparing for the full release in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, I’ll be posting much more about the thoughts and intentions behind the app on here, and providing walkthroughs to help your teams get up to speed quickly. Stay tuned!

Sven Latham

Sven Latham

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