May 2018 Updates

By June 26, 2018 June 27th, 2019 Data, Optimising Data, Update

Phone sensors:

  • Further work to reduce bandwidth. Datagrams should now fit in the most restrictive LoRa packet configurations.
  • Sensor protocol now supports up to four channels (four methods of counting data) on an hourly basis.
  • Optimised server for receiving and processing this data using message queues.

Footflow app:

  • Improvements to estimation. App will now use multiple methods of estimation and choose the result with the highest confidence.

Footfall app:

  • % changes (benchmarks) are now editable, in case the PDF was unreadable or the provider is not supported.

Car Park app:

  • Improved support for cdmf/cedex portals.
  • Added ability to identify individual on-street parking bays and areas.
  • In/Out/Occupancy are now recorded independently.
  • Added provision for variable & configurable Capacity (work in progress…)

Property app:

  • App now reports if it thinks a property photo is out of date.
  • App can now incorporate valuations office data.
  • Square footage and rateable value are now shown where available.
  • Estate agents’ pages can now be added to properties.
  • Council planning permissions can be shown where available for individual properties.
  • Street-level data now reincorporated. Possible to filter by street again.
  • Overhaul of interface.
  • Improved performance & flow of photo uploading.
  • We now look at the photo’s metadata to work out when it was taken, and use this date to record the change.

Weather app:

  • Now shows sunrise and sunset for the town location. This is also shown in charts where relevant.

Charts app:

  • Now a major ‘user’ app. Charts can now be created and configured on-demand.

Dashboard app:

  • This is being wound down. Users are encouraged to embed charts in their existing websites, use a third-party dashboard provider or use a public-facing wiki.

General changes:

  • Now possible to set the aggregation (how hourlies figures are totalled) for daily and weekly charts.
  • Now possible to filter by hour, including over midnight.
  • If a % change is between -5 and 5%, it will no longer be coloured (eventually this will be configurable).
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