• Mobile & Desktop property toolkit
  • Designed for town centre management teams & BIDs
  • Allows easy sharing with third parties and benchmark surveys
  • Historical view of properties, stats and urban dynamics

A complete property toolkit

Designed and developed alongside BID and Town Centre Management teams, the Property app provides a complete overview of your BID or Town Centre properties.

The app gives you tools to collect and share data on new occupants, updated fascias and vacancies, using a simple and intuitive design.

Keep track of vacant properties and see historical data on business changes & refurbishments.

Data can be collected at any time and shared with local authorities, property companies plus national benchmarking and retail databases.

Desktop & Mobile

Capture data “in the field” and update at your desk. Or do both at the coffee shop! The Property toolkit is designed to be flexible, portable and work for you, wherever you are.

If you don’t have an internet connection (or the signal is weak) data can still be collected and then updated later at the office.

The app works with multiple users too, so you can cover an entire city quickly & easily, without duplicating effort.

Documenting High Street changes

The Property app allows you to take a photo of each property every time it changes. These high-quality photos are then used to create a storyline of each premises.

Photos give enormous insights into the occupancy of properties, how their fascias have changed and the quality of the presentation. They show how each site has evolved, and provide compelling documentation on the dynamics of the high street.

Custom reporting

Create visualisations of your high street changes at any point in time, with clear annotations and reports.

Reports can be distributed by email or PDF, and are ideal for sharing in monthly newsletters or for supply to third parties.

If you participate in national vacancy Benchmark schemes, the Property app can also quickly produce the data you need to submit to these schemes quickly and consistently, using suppliers’ preferred definitions for vacant and occupied properties.

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Property App is part of the Noggin Hub, or newly available as a standalone tool. Let us know if you’re interested.