Suppliers of Data

This is a growing list of UK data suppliers for town & city centres.

Noggin works with a multitude of data suppliers, including many on this list, to build digital profiles of town centres & measure results. We don’t take commission. Our role is to independently analyse, scrutinise and report on the data collected in your area, and present this in clear & concise ways.

This list is for pointers only. It has not been edited, paid for nor endorsed by companies named, and is based on the first keywords that come to mind when we recall each company. Errors & omissions excepted. No recommendations or preferences are inferred.

Last updated July 2019.

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Footfall & Footflow

Footfall counts how many people cross an imaginary line. Typically using cameras, infrared or beams. Quality typically varies with cost and technology used: a simple infra-red beam count will be cheap to set up but not very accurate. High-end camera quality is much better and more suitable for outdoors installations.

Footflow refers to a broader set of technologies that not only count people, but where they go as well. There are various options for this, but the most popular is phone-based, tracking individuals’ mobile phones across a wide area (such as a town). This can be provided alongside public wi-fi, which links phones to social media profiles. Accuracy again varies: the cheapest options give basic results, not really good for long-term benchmarking. High-end systems – particularly with wi-fi – tend to be much more accurate.

What to look for? Location is key. Thoroughfares are often well-served by footfall cameras alone. Town squares, junctions and wider areas may need more advanced devices that can count multiple directions simultaneously. If you’ve a lot of road traffic and cyclists, consider a device that can distinguish between these.

Many companies offer a service agreement and they will maintain the device on your behalf and ensure its continued accuracy. Some can provide cameras on a purchase basis: you buy the device outright but are responsible for its maintenance – viable if you have access to an on-street support team.

Connectivity is next: many devices use their own 3G/4G SIM card to send back data, but these need good phone signal. Some can use your town’s public wi-fi (or come as part of a wi-fi package). Others – particularly indoors sensors – will need a direct link with a network cable. Newer systems are emerging that use low power networks, such as LoRa and Sigfox. These are community or private networks that carry small amounts of data over a long distance. There’s a strong push in both of these at the moment, so you may find coverage in your area is good.

Footfall, footflow, car counting, national benchmarks, learning academy.

Elephant Wifi
Town Wifi, apps, footflow (“GeoSense”), air quality sensors.

Local Data Company (LDC)
Retail and property data, footfall (“SmartStreetSensor”)

Footfall, footflow, Retail data, benchmarking

Place Dashboard
Tracking apps based on rewards, footflow, dwell, analytics. Uses data from mobile apps.

Footfall, urban and rural, battery powered.

PFM Footfall
Footfall, footflow.

Movement Strategies
Using mobile operator data & phone counting to collect wide-area data.


Manual footfall counts. Bespoke coverage.

Almere Technology
Footfall counters, machine learning, road traffic & cyclists.

Retail Sensing
Footfall counters.

Footfall counters, car parking and air quality.

People Counting
Footfall counters (indoors).

Loyalty and Gift Card Schemes

Town gift cards, tracks spend in towns. Card-linked spending.

Loyalty App, trails.

Loyalty based on card usage (via user registration)

MyGravity Now part of Bink.
Loyalty app

Loyalty, consumer data and profiling.

Retail Data

Kantar Retail
Shopper Insights, retail data, benchmarking

Rewarding Visits
Loyalty schemes, Kiosks[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]