The latest Noggin Hub updates

By June 1, 2018 August 29th, 2018 Blog, Data, Optimising Data, Update

Always on the move and always improving, Noggin has made the following updates to our customer Hubs.

We operate a regular update programme for all subscribers. This post summarises the changes, which may take a few days to appear on your Hub. The full list can always be found on the Hub website.


As you know, we’re always happy to work alongside other existing providers of footfall cameras and data, as the more you can measure, the more accurate your decision-making! So we’ve tweaked the Footfall slightly to take these existing providers into account, and enable you to upload your existing PDFs to make sure all the benchmarking is included (as the video above shows).


For those of you who use our reporting service, we’ve added a section to let you get to historical reports quickly and easily. Of course, we’re delighted that more people are asking for this, as it shows there is increasing interest in the data you’re presenting to your stakeholders! That has to be a good thing!

Traffic reporting

Our Traffic reporting app gathers traffic data from third-party providers and sensors for analysis, using an improved API for third-party integrations (dashboards, etc.). We can now measure transit time across ring roads and major thoroughfares as well as real-time reporting of route transit times, and town events are now shown directly in the interactive traffic view.  You can also access weekly PDF reports through your portal.


Our weather app now provides reports by the hour so you can see when the heavens opened, and how it affected your figures. We also provide a forecast for the next seven days, updated regularly.


We now include Home Office crime reports within specific areas, retrieving data more accurately based directly on the BID/town centre boundary, rather than the general area/radius previously. We have improved the performance of this app as well, by streamlining the data libraries.

General Services

Ever-improving our service, we watch how you use your Noggin Hub and listen to your queries, to identify where we can improve your experience – and the quality of the data you use. So, some of the more general improvements include:

  • You can now configure your BID or Town Centre boundary (using a map editor), which can be shown in various apps (footfall, crime, etc.)
  • Improved invitation messages for new users, so you can now add a custom message to encourage your Board or stakeholders to engage with the information at their fingertips!